All nine for Wattens: Leading the table extended with victory

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On „pink Friday“, the match was about cancer prevention, the WSG Wattens won 4:1 against the Upper Austrian Juniors and is now nine games unbeaten.

Wattens – The WSG Wattens only had to shake briefly against the Upper Austrian Juniors to strike back strongly after the 0:1 deficit: With a sparkling clean performance and a 4:1 victory, the Silberberger squad extended the lead in the 2nd league.

The teams had allowed themselves ten minutes of starting time in front of 1050 spectators before they really took off: In minute eleven Oliver Filip found the first seater after Benni Pranter’s dream pass, but unfortunately also his champion in LASK-Goalie Tobias Laval. On the other hand, only two pointer turns later Ferdl Oswald had to save against Valentin Grubeck. The Upper Austrian Juniors, who had last put BW Linz in its place, presented themselves as expected as a strong and biting opponent. Nevertheless the WSG remained master in the ring and had bad luck that a Jurdik goal was probably wrongly taken away because of offside (21.).

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The ball continued to run through the WSG rows, but the goal shot the guests: After very strong Assist of Nicolas master Grubeck scored 0-1 (33.). A blow in the stomach pit, which only made the Tyroleans angrier. But the run seemed in vain, until Benni Pranter pushed the leather over the line in the 45th minute. A balance at an ideal time.

The second run then began no less ideally: A Jauregui flank headed Gugganig into the middle, where Milan Jurdik finished (48th). It was the fair reward for a good offensive performance of the Wattener. But the defensive concentration had to be kept high, because the Upper Austrians did not want to be beaten that easily. With the substitution of Kevin Nitzlnader and the changeover to a four-man chain, coach Thomas Silberberger then touched additional concrete after 66 minutes. The pace was now out of the game, which fit the WSG Wattens pretty well into the concept.

At the end the Tiroler could afford it even to shoot a penalty kick (Jauregui), because first Benni Pranter chased a free kick from 20 meters to 3:1 into the net (92.) and Sebastian Santin used a second penalty shot (94.). The Tyroleans built up their lead on „pink Friday“, the match was marked by cancer prevention, because both BW Linz (1:1 in Horn) and Ried (0:0 in Lafnitz) missed points. „It was a highly deserved victory, we only had to score a lot more goals,“ said coach Thomas Silberberger. The WSG Wattens is now already nine games unbeaten. To know more about IGame Casino’s bonuses and promotions, check them out here!

Salzburg bulls hunt in West Derby Tyrolean home victory record

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Manfred Linzmaier talked to the TT about the still existing home record in the old Tivoli and the successful project Red Bull Salzburg. ÖFB team player Lainer reported to the bulls that he was fit for the West duel.

Innsbruck – „Now I am really surprised. I never thought we would have set this record back then,“ Manni Linzmaier from Ingolstadt reported yesterday. From 1980 to 1993 he played 315 championship games in the midfield of SSW Innsbruck and FC Swarovski Tirol. Among them also from 1982 to 1984 those 39 undefeated championship games in the old Tivoli, which still exist today as a record. „Interesting at that time. Back then we didn’t really have such a good time. I would have rather predicted the years under coach Latzke or the Swarovski era with Happel,“ says Linzmaier, who also has a special relationship to the Red Bull project. Vegas Spins casino is a site with a particularly generous exclusive welcome offer.

Manfred Linzmaier Honours 

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (2):
    • 1989, 1990
  • Austrian Cup (2):
    • 1989, 1993

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Austria should be proud of the RB product

At the beginning still in the coaching staff, Linzmaier then explored the football market for the bulls as a scout for almost ten years until 2015: „The project was really pushed in Salzburg under Ralf Rangnick. In the meantime, RB Salzburg has developed into a brand product in European football of which one should be proud in Austria“. The fact that the unrestricted supremacy of the bulls is not necessarily an advantage for the Austrian league is beyond question: „If they let a second team play in the league, then a double victory would be certain. I’m convinced of that.“ No remote diagnosis from Linzmaier, because as a scout for the German second league team SC Ingolstadt, he still has Austrian football firmly in his sights. In Tivoli, too, he has already taken a close look at some of FC Wacker’s matches this year.

The Tyrolean long-term home record, for which, in addition to Linzmaier, Robert Auer, Goalie Fuad Djulic, Michael Streiter, Roland Hattenberger, Alfred Roscher or a Hugo Hovenkamp, who died far too early, were responsible for, is not yet in danger in tomorrow’s Westschlager. Nevertheless, the serial champion is on the verge of an impressive anniversary: the 50th Heimpflichtspiel without defeat beckons the bulls across all competitions. In the Bundesliga there are 33 home games without „zero“ before tomorrow’s appearance. Only Innsbruck’s series with 39 games is – still – longer.

Everything speaks for Salzburg

So it is up to the Black Greens to prevent Salzburg from endangering their series, or those of their predecessors, in the near future. But all signs, statistics and comparisons of the general conditions speak only for the Mozart citizens. What Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher also knows is clear: „Logically, we are blatant outsiders. But in football, things often happen that come as an absolute surprise.“

Should Salzburg score at least one point on Saturday, you would be the only runner-up in the record list. Because so far there are two clubs, which also managed 33 Bundesliga home games without defeat: Austria (from 27 May 1983 to 7 June 1985) and Rapid (from 29 October 1983 to 2 November 1985).

The bull home series started on 3 December 2016 with a 4-1 win over Altach. Stefan Lainer, whose father Leo completed some successful years in the Swarovski era in the old Tivoli, shone with a goal at that time. The ÖFB team player, who missed the test against Denmark (0:2) because of a knee laceration, reported himself fit again yesterday for the match against FC Wacker: „It was very important that I got a few days break. I feel very good again“.

Two football worlds with Westderby meeting point: Wacker challenges Salzburg

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The international break underscored the Bundesliga strength that awaits FC Wacker Innsbruck in Salzburg on Saturday.

Innsbruck – With the headline „Rose (almost) alone at home“ Red Bull Salzburg hinted before the international break that the exquisite player’s material would spread over half the globe. Including the hopes for the future, 17 men were on the road, which means not only victories and defeats, but also travel pains and the risk of injury.

Stefan Lainer and Xaver Schlager returned prematurely after their substitution in Denmark, along with Cican Stankovic and Andreas Ulmer from the ÖFB team, while team mate Darko Todorovic is on his way to first place in the Nations League with Bosnia in the Austria group. Takumi Minamino travelled back to the Mozart city as Japanese double goalscorer from his 4-3 victory over Uruguay, while Munas Dabbur celebrated two Nations-League victories with Israel under the direction of Andreas Herzog. Midfield strategists Amadou Haidara and Diadie Samassekou were in the African Cup qualifiers with Mali, as were Patson Daka and Enock Mwepu for Zambia. And a player like Hannes Wolf, in the service of the ÖFB U21 team, was able to enjoy a play-off ticket for the European Championship 2019. This list (Marin Pongracic was with the Croatian U21 team) can be easily extended. „It’s good when things develop like this. We’ve never had so many team players before,“ says sports boss Christoph Freund.

Diadie Samassekou Honours 


Red Bull Salzburg
  • Austrian Bundesliga 2016–17, 2017-2018
  • Austrian Cup: 2016–17


  • UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2017–18 

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The fact is that Salzburg coach Marco Rose had to improvise against FC Wacker Innsbruck in preparation for the Western Derby. Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher would probably like to have such worries. „Of course, one or the other of them is stricken or has to digest travel strains. But it’s impossible to guess their line-up either way,“ Daxbacher noted, to make one thing clear: „With the quality they have in the squad, they can put together two teams that are equally good. From that point of view, it makes no difference who will run up against us.“

Salzburg’s (pressing) style is well-known. At FCW, captain Christoph Freitag is fit again and U21 team player Dominik Baumgartner is feeling his way back. But Stefan Meusburger, a central defender, has fallen ill. Goalie Christopher Knett is out like the injured Flo Rieder anyway after the shoulder operation.

Salzburg’s squad is 103.4 million in total, Wacker’s 7.15 million „easy“. Two football worlds meet in Westderby. Hopefully the Innsbruckers don’t need a compass. WixStars brings excellence so as to compete with the bulk of the competition.