All nine for Wattens: Leading the table extended with victory

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On „pink Friday“, the match was about cancer prevention, the WSG Wattens won 4:1 against the Upper Austrian Juniors and is now nine games unbeaten.

Wattens – The WSG Wattens only had to shake briefly against the Upper Austrian Juniors to strike back strongly after the 0:1 deficit: With a sparkling clean performance and a 4:1 victory, the Silberberger squad extended the lead in the 2nd league.

The teams had allowed themselves ten minutes of starting time in front of 1050 spectators before they really took off: In minute eleven Oliver Filip found the first seater after Benni Pranter’s dream pass, but unfortunately also his champion in LASK-Goalie Tobias Laval. On the other hand, only two pointer turns later Ferdl Oswald had to save against Valentin Grubeck. The Upper Austrian Juniors, who had last put BW Linz in its place, presented themselves as expected as a strong and biting opponent. Nevertheless the WSG remained master in the ring and had bad luck that a Jurdik goal was probably wrongly taken away because of offside (21.).

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The ball continued to run through the WSG rows, but the goal shot the guests: After very strong Assist of Nicolas master Grubeck scored 0-1 (33.). A blow in the stomach pit, which only made the Tyroleans angrier. But the run seemed in vain, until Benni Pranter pushed the leather over the line in the 45th minute. A balance at an ideal time.

The second run then began no less ideally: A Jauregui flank headed Gugganig into the middle, where Milan Jurdik finished (48th). It was the fair reward for a good offensive performance of the Wattener. But the defensive concentration had to be kept high, because the Upper Austrians did not want to be beaten that easily. With the substitution of Kevin Nitzlnader and the changeover to a four-man chain, coach Thomas Silberberger then touched additional concrete after 66 minutes. The pace was now out of the game, which fit the WSG Wattens pretty well into the concept.

At the end the Tiroler could afford it even to shoot a penalty kick (Jauregui), because first Benni Pranter chased a free kick from 20 meters to 3:1 into the net (92.) and Sebastian Santin used a second penalty shot (94.). The Tyroleans built up their lead on „pink Friday“, the match was marked by cancer prevention, because both BW Linz (1:1 in Horn) and Ried (0:0 in Lafnitz) missed points. „It was a highly deserved victory, we only had to score a lot more goals,“ said coach Thomas Silberberger. The WSG Wattens is now already nine games unbeaten. To know more about IGame Casino’s bonuses and promotions, check them out here!